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We have been offering sled dog tours for over 20 years with a yard of dogs that we’ve raised.

Alaskan Locals

We are located in the world’s mushing capital, Fairbanks, Alaska, where the trails are perfect for our hearty dogs.


We not only provide tours, but allow you to learn and experience the art of mushing yourself.
Paws for Adventure


We offer authentic Alaska dog mushing with the state’s most knowledgeable and friendly dog sled kennel: Paws for Adventure. Our collection of racers, trainers and lifestyle mushers welcome you into the cozy confines of our world class facility. Interact with our friendly dog teams and then settle into a sled for an experience of dog sled travel through our pristine wilderness rides located a short drive from Fairbanks, AK. We have perfected our dog care and adventure experience with over 20 years of business and thousands of happy visitors.


Explore what it means to be an Alaskan musher! The staff at Paws for Adventure has over one-hundred years of combined mushing lifestyle experience, and there is no greater joy than sharing that knowledge with you! The best way to learn is to get behind a sled yourself, so we offer a mushing school experience allowing you to run your own team. Meet your dogs, learn to harness and communicate with your team, and drive your own dog sled team with the confidence that our staff will be there every step of the way,


Expand your experience of the world in America’s last frontier! There are no words that can describe traveling through Alaskan wilderness on a dog sled. Paws for Adventure is committed to sharing this sense of expanse with multi-day journeys, and a memorable reprieve from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. With our 2010 acquisition of the Tolovana Roadhouse, we are able to provide a multi-day adventure like nowhere else. After learning how to drive your own team in our acclaimed mushing school, you will be transported by sled out to a cozy camp or our historic roadhouse. These are trips that have been hailed as “life-changing experiences” by those that have sought a trip to Alaska like no other.  

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