Can anyone go dog mushing?

Most can enjoy some type of dogmushing adventure. I wouldn’t recommend it to those under 2 years old or to anyone with a painful spinal condition. There are lots of ways to enjoy the sport – as a ride in the sled to experience the power these lovable canine athletes possess as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, learn to drive your own small team in mushing school. This experience will bring you up close and personal with the sled dogs and maybe the snow, so be ready to fall off! This doesn’t mean you will, but understand that dog mushing is a skill that requires good balance and upper body strength as well as a good sense of humor! I don’t know a musher who hasn’t fallen off a sled.

Our overnight and multi-day excursions take you into the heart of Alaska driving your own team and require good physical fitness and stamina. Some winter camping experience and tolerance for cold weather makes your experience that much more enjoyable.

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