Where do you get your sled dogs?

Originally I bred sled dogs and raised pups at my kennel. My first 3 pups were from a small village in the Interior. They were 70-80 pound freight dogs – there are a few of this lineage still in the kennel. Early on, I bought a leader, Sister, who taught me how to mush. She knew commands, “Gee”, “Haw”, “On-by”…and took the commands when she felt like it. She was a tough-minded village dog and knew how to run long distances. Thru the years Sister had a couple of litters; some of her grandchildren you will meet in our kennel. I’ve met some truly great sled dogs thru the years, each with their own special personality and talent and all with a lot of heart. Most of our non-breeding dogs are spayed or neutered. We still raise litters of pups every couple of years.

As time went by I befriended many mushers, each with their own particular interests in the mushing world. Some became interested in racing and now race Iditarod and Yukon Quest sled dog races. I started picking up race kennel dogs. Some of these dogs were a bit too young for a 1000 mile race and came to us for more experience before returning to their kennel and the race team. Some were nursing an injury and not able to go this year so, our shorter miles were a good way to keep them in shape and able to try again next year. And some just weren’t into racing long distance but like the more mellow agenda at our kennel. At any rate, we are happy for our great mix of wonderful hard-working canine athletes. We’re happy to send some of the youngsters back to their kennels ready for the big race, and we’re excited to share some of the happiest and well-trained sled dogs with our guests.

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